effective 08-01-2016 Joe's will no longer service/work on Saab's due to the lack of parts availability~ NO OUTSIDE PARTS ARE ACCEPTED. bmw

Yes, this is the place

If you are looking for an auto shop that cares about customer service and repeat business, you've found the right place. Over the past 23 years, Joe's has made a name for itself as a haven for cars with bad manners and strange noises.

Auto repair, it's not simple DIY any more

The days of simply replacing your fan belt or gapping your own spark plugs are long past. Procedures that were handled with an adjustable wrench and some willing hands now require a myriad of diagnostic equipment, EPA friendly supplies, a savvy mechanic and even an internet connection. Additionally, punishment-resistant steel parts have been replaced by lightweight , plastic pieces and fasteners. Nowadays, an eager backyard repairman with an experimental mind is usually rewarded with complaining neighbors, snapped parts, shorted circuit boards and sometimes, events much worse.


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